Looking Back At A Christmas Day Miracle

Merry Christmas to All

December 25, 2004

It started snowing on Christmas Eve around 9pm. It was a miracle happening before our eyes… A white Christmas. Everyone in the family got dressed in warm clothes and went out to play…

It was a sight unexpected, unpredicted… unprecedented. Everyone danced and cavorted late into the early morning hours. I stayed up watching the snow fall, drifting in hypnotising swirls through the spotlight over the kitchen window until just after midnight. Wanting to make sure we actually had snowfall on Christmas Day.

I expected it all to melt by morning.

So while the family slept in on Christmas morning, a totally unheard of event, I dressed and wandered out with my camera… And entered a winter wonderland, a Christmas Miracle, a snow covered Christmas. It was beautiful.

Bryan Beach Driftwood

Just about every year on my birthday I load up the truck with camera and gear and hit the road on what I have come to call my “Birthday Roadtrip”. About the only time I don’t actually do the drive on my birthday is when the date falls on a weekend. On those occasions I’ll make the run on the day before or the day after. I don’t pay attention to the weather though… Rain or shine, warm or cold, I still make the trip. Continue reading “Bryan Beach Driftwood”